Very pleased to announce the successful 2022 nomination for the Noble-Bolt01 Award!This candidate received several requests, and whilst the decision process was (understandably!) extremely difficult between the nominees, we feel that Richmond Clements would be the most worthy as the first recipient of the Noble-Bolt01 Award.Dave Evans was Richmonds best friend,and they worked together as co-editors on both Zarjaz and Dogbreath. Richmond wasn’t always able to join his friend at the convention table, usually due to a lack of funds and the travel distance and he’s never been able to make it to Lawless before. The opportunity to attend Lawless would mean he could meet a lot of new and old friends who knew Dave and share hugs and stories.We think Richmond would be a worthy first candidate for the Noble-Bolt01 Award to honour both Colin and Dave’s memory.Congratulations Richmond!!!!