Lawless Comic Con is Proudly Sponsored By The 77

The early discussions surrounding the formation of anthology comic, The 77, were first held by a small group of like-minded folk at Lawless. They have gone from strength to strength with ever more successful Kickstarter campaigns over the last two years, culminating this year with their first hardback annual. 

Lawless are hugely proud to support and be supported by this love letter to retro comics and their loyal following. The team at The 77 go from strength to strength, producing new publications and teaming up with legends like Ian Gibson to produce his magnum opus – Lifeboat.

Make sure you pay a visit to their table at Lawless, where a whole host of creators will be showing their skills and the publishing team will be giving away goodies. 

For more information on their latest projects, head on over to their website by clicking on the link below!