Can we park at the hotel and if not, where can we park?

Please ensure you pay the appropriate parking fee if using the hotel car park. Location of payment machine and tariffs are here.

Short stays are a few pounds and overnight is charged at £15 per night. If staying at the hotel, this can be added to your room bill. If the hotel carpark is full, parking is available in the public pay and display carpark on the other side of Redcliffe Way. This carpark is huge.

How can we get there on public transport?

RAIL – Bristol Temple Meads is less than 10 minutes walk away.
COACH – the main coach station is in the City Centre. Exit towards Broadmead and then get the number 24 bus from outside Primark.
LOCAL BUSES – the nearest buses are the 24 (get off at the stop closest to St Mary Redcliffe Church – the one with the huge spire), or any of those that go to Temple Meads station – the 1, 2, 8, 9, 50, 51 & 72.

What time does the convention start and finish?

We open at 09:00 with the first panel items at 10:00. The programme finishes at around 17:00.  This is the first time we have run a two day show, so the second day will start at 09:00 with the first panel at 10:00 and the last panel will be at 14:00. We’re aiming to close up  by 15:00 to give everyone time to get home at a decent hour with Sunday travelling.

Do I need to bring my paypal receipt as a ticket and/or will you be sending a ticket to me?

Please note that in order to keep costs down for everyone we do not send out tickets. It’s helpful if you bring your Paypal with you, but you don’t have to. We won’t turn you away for not having it!

Is the event wheelchair accessible?

Yes. Lawless takes place on the main reception floor of the Hilton Doubletree, and the function space we use is very close to the lifts. If you are disabled and have any special requirements, please drop by the main desk on the way in and we’ll do our best to help you out! Do drop an email to LawlessComicCon@hotmail.com before the event if you have any questions.

Do I have to book a hotel room? How do I do that?

If you want to stay at the Hilton Doubletree, you can book a room via their website – please be aware that the hotel can fill up quickly! There are also lots of other hotels within a few minutes walk, including the Travelodge Bristol Central, the Mercure, the Novotel, the Hilton Garden Inn and the Holiday Inn Express opposite the station.

Can I come in costume?

Cosplay at Lawless is welcome! We’ve seen some amazing constructions over the years and the more inventive the better! With regards to Cosplay Weapons, our outlook is essentially – be sensible. We don’t have any specific weapon restrictions, but naturally wandering around Bristol with a replica firearm is a bad idea. When you get here, get someone to check it over if you’re concerned and want to be on the safe side. If you’re using airsoft then please don’t load any mags. Please don’t bring anything sharp or that can cause actual injury. If you’ve created something massive made out of foam and cardboard then go careful with it and don’t beat anyone up with it.

Basicly: Don’t be a D**k 😀

Can I bring my kids?

You can. However, while we have a family-friendly atmosphere at Lawless, it is primarily an adult convention and we may feature panel discussions and art that are not really suitable for little eyes and ears. If your child is under 14 you can bring them for free, but there are no specific provisions for child-centric panels or activities and there are no creche facilities. If your child is 14 or over we regard them as an adult and we would charge the full adult rate.

Can I take photographs / record video / audio?

You are free to take photos around the convention, but we ask that you please a) don’t take photos of the art work without the artists permission, and b) don’t video or record the panels without the consent of all the panelists involved (this is at the request of our panelists.) Also – please do share or give us links to anything your blogging about – we’d love to post them up on the website!


Lawless Comic Con endeavors to provide a safe and inclusive environment. We pride ourselves on the friendly and respectful atmosphere of the convention. We therefore ask everyone to conduct themselves appropriately, extending courtesy and co-operation to all members. Be excellent to each another.

Lawless Comic Con reserves the right to refuse or refund membership to anyone who we feel may not conduct themselves appropriately at the convention, or to anyone who has been removed for previous such behaviour from Lawless Comic Con or any similar event.

In the event that any member, or anyone else attending or working on the convention, does not observe these principles, or behaves so as to detract from the atmosphere of the convention, the organisers will take appropriate action.