It is with great regret that we have decided to cancel this years Lawless Comic Convention. 😢 We were hoping to continue or wait out the situation to see if we can still go ahead, but in light of the amount of shows that are not going ahead, the financial difficulties that folk are facing day to day, as well as the ongoing ‘Unknown’ of how this Plague is going to pan out, it seems sensible to put a stop on it now.

The next stage is as follows:

I’m waiting on confirmation from the Doubletree that we can move the date of the show to Saturday 15th May 2021. I’m also waiting on confirmation that they will refund hotel bookings regardless as to whether or not they’re ‘non-refundable’. There may also be the option of moving the date for those as well. So hold your horses on hotel stuff until I come back on that one.

Secondly – in the interest of simplicity, the event will be cancelled on Ticketlight and you will all receive refunds. The tickets will go live again in Jan 2021 as per the usual process. This just makes it easier than cancelling or not cancelling individual tickets for 250 odd attendees and traders who may or may not be able to make it next year.

Thirdly – I will be messaging all Guests and traders individually via messenger and email to advise them of the above situation. We will re invite them again for next year, but obviously this may chop and change with peoples plans, so a new guest list will be announced in the New Year (with a bit if luck, it’ll be pretty much the same!)

Lastly – You are all still welcome to gather if you wish. We’re not making any plans that far ahead, but maybe up for a trip down to Bristol for and afternoon/evening drink or something – feel free to organise yourselves or someone set up an FB event to that effect.

I will post again once the hotel have confirmed the rooms are sorted and once I’ve canceled the Ticketlight site. Feel free to ask any questions and spread this message far and wide.

Again – SO SORRY to have to cancel this, it sucks balls. 😭

Be excellent to each other and look out for one another. And don’t stock pile! 😂

Love & Hugs