Kickstarters & Projects!

Kickstarters have become a worthwhile and valid form of comics distribution in the last eighteen months and are a hugely popular way of supporting individual fandom as well as reaching a new audience.  With this in mind, here are a whole bunch of links to promote Comic Kickstarters that are currently doing the rounds to help you find some new genres to explore or collect more art from your favourite creators. Additionally, we’ve included shameless promotion of small press blogs, websites and youTube Channels so there’s plenty out there to get your teeth into!

In no particular order….



















































Additional Shameless Promos….

Down The Tubes Blog

Comic Scene

Get My Comics

JWC Indie Comics

Gareth Sleightholme


Lucy Sullivan

Blanco Experimental

Tony Menzie

Marc Makes Comics

Eighth Continent Publishing

Maximized Comic

Heroes Comic Store

Planet Loss – Luke Oram

Space Bastards

Rusty Staples

The Fourth BHF Book of Horror Stories

The Brewgooders- The League of Beer and Comics

Being A Girl

YouTube Channels




Rhiannon Kagoe

The Crown Players – Gloucester

Ed’s Comic Hut

Blast Process

Retro Attic Mancave

Judge Enza




Awesome Comics Podcast

The Great Derelict


Amen To That

Nerds Who Haunted Themselves

The Brand Podcast

Never Iron Anything The Comics Review Show

Where Eagles Dare